Can I take 2 pills of Cialis in one day?
No, you can not take Cialis in this much amount, but the only exception is when you doctor let you do that. Remember that it is advisable never to take Cialis mixing it with other drugs. Especially in order to get rid of ED and have a great erection you have to keep in mind that splitting pills of Cialis are a bad idea. Never prescribe a dosage for yourself, be very careful with taking the proper amount of Cialis.

I am going to have a romantic dinner with my spouse can I take Cialis right before dinner?
It will be better for you to take Cialis this morning due to the reason that mixing Cialis with food and especially alcohol in case you do not want any kind of side-effects at all.

How do Cialis work and can a 71-year-old man take Cialis regularly?
As far as we know Cialis flows blood to the penis and when blood maintains there you are able to have an erection for this period of time. When you are 71 there is a great chance that you have particular heart conditions that may keep you from getting an erection. If you want to stay healthy and not damage your health even more then it is advisable to talk to a pharmacist or to your private doctor about taking Cialis.

How often can I take Cialis, only when I am going to have sexual intercourse or every day in order to cure my ED?
There are two possible ways for you to take Cialis. The first one is to take it every day in a previously prescribed amount in order to get rid of ED for good and have a straight erection. If you are going to treat your impotence you have to take Cialis daily. But if you want just to have an erection once you can take a certain amount like 10 or 20 mg Cialis pill every time before getting intimate with your partner in the bedroom.

What kind of side effects can I experience after taking Cialis?
When you are careful and taking Cialis in a necessary dosage then you are totally free from any kind of side effects at all. Never take Cialis in case you have an ulcer or another kind of pains and injuries. So many people in this day and age do not follow precise instruction and then they wonder why erection is not happening. When you are not careful with taking Cialis you may have awful headaches and even chest pains. Keep in mind that Cialis will leave our system for good in 36 our tops.

I am 28 and I have erectile dysfunction already, can you tell me why is it happening and how to get rid of it? I want to have an erection, please help me!
DO not worry, your erection problems are probably caused by stress or maybe even depression. Young men in this day and age are worrying too much about their work, or especially if you just started a family you have too much on your mind. While you can not properly concentrate on your private and intimate life then there is no surprise that erection is not happening at all. Cialis is your answer to these problems. You have to try it and then you will see that your erection is better than ever. There will be no delay in erection and you will see how easy it is to have sex. Forget about your problems and try to concentrate on your private life. This way a blood will flow precisely to your genitals and erection will satisfy you and your partner for sure.

I took Cialis once but it did not help, can I take it once more or it is not going to help at all?
Usually, men are taking Cialis at least 8 times if it is not working in their body before changing to the other drug. Give it a go and try avoiding any kind of stressful situations while taking Cialis in your system for a better effect.